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May 2, 2014
Oct 20, 2012
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Active Member, from Wake Forest, NC

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May 2, 2014
    1. redreddinghood
      Happy New Year Frank! Well its nearly been a year since i had the bipass surgery and i felt like i was in a cage right after the surgery and I still feel like i am in that cage..but the door is open now...i guess..where before it was shut and double locked! I have had a very rough year...down to 110 pounds and still loosing...frail and cant seem to get enough protien down..no matter how much i try...the best things i have been able to eat are mashed potatoes, yogurt, watermelon, fruit, and chicken noodle soup...i still get very nauseated and the vapor lock is still awful..just like the first week of surgery...How are you doing now??? abbie
    2. StinkerBelle
      I do want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your experiences. You have helped me tremendously, especially when I have one of those just feeling yucky days.
      I know what you share is what you have been through or gone through so I do not feel along.

      Thanks again for always being here..

      Happy New Year!!!!! :)
    3. johnscrystal5
      How exciting to go diving! My cousin does that! always has interesting pictures and stories! I am excited to announce, I got my surgery date just today! August 14th. Nervous, scared and excited... all rolled into one! this is serious now! :p Glad you are doing good! Keep it up!
    4. johnscrystal5
      Looking good Frank! Keep it up! I bet you feel great!
    5. Dcepello
      Tough love Frank, tough love.

    6. Dcepello
      Frank, What great pictures, I didn't realize it was you and had to take a double take, you look well. Congratulations on your daughters wedding. Life is sweet.

    7. Kim n NC
      Kim n NC
      Hey! Just checking on everyone! You've made a lot of progress since I was last on here. Congrats!
    8. Dcepello
      I was at my three month check in today and they were saying that some people lose their hunger reflex after surgery and when it kicks back in after awhile it can come on very strong. They said if you are hungry your body is may need more food. You may what to talk it over with your doctor or dietitian.
    9. Dcepello
      Hey Frank,

      I wanted to ask you how you are getting on.

    10. Dcepello
      Hi Frank,
      Thank for posting. a like, for my exercise post. I was thinking of using that in a blog but am unsure if it would be bad form to reuse a post like that. I value your opinion so if you would like to comment I would appreciate it.

    11. redreddinghood
      Thanks Frank...I really appreciate this site...its helped me get the brain in the right place...was really worried for a couple of days there! I know a woman who is out five years with gastric bipass..she still cant look at soup...I have a friend who is out 10 years and he hates yogurt to this very day...and i dont want to get in that rut of eating the very same thing...getting on this site was the very best thing i have ever done...so far! Thanks...
    12. redreddinghood
      I want to thank you for your encouraging words..thanks so much abbie
    13. Cynhiabu5517
      Hi Frank My name is Cynthia, I had surgery Aug 23 2012
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    Wake Forest, NC
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    Gastric By-Pass, Roux-en-Y
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    Oct 17, 2012
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    392 -- At my peak
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    Grandkids, Football, Computers, Photography, Music


    Visit my blog at http://nccheesehead.wordpress.com/, I'm concentrating on the journey and what I'm going through. :cool:
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