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Jul 9, 2015
Nov 26, 2011
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Jul 9, 2015
    1. NanaG67
      do you have a facebook page? was hoping to find you there...mine is gloria scott or nanag67
    2. NanaG67
      Well, we pay most of the bills and they buy most if not all of the groceries. We pretty much have the cooking figured out and my daughter is going to do the liquid diet with me on the 18th. She may not do all sugar free, she is being supportive and going to help me along the way
    3. NanaG67
      Thanks Pat. I did buy the low sodium broths, so they aren't so high. This morning I am having an EAS protein drink, chocolate fudge, it is really smooth and tastes pretty good. I'm taking things one day at a time. My husband told me last night, he misses the way I cooked before our daughter and her family moved in with us. Everything was grilled on my George Foreman, the veggies were are steamed in my steamer and we would alternate carbs with dinner, rice, potatoes or pasta. Last night we had baked boneless skinless chicken breast with grilled summer squash and macaroni and cheese. The kids wouldn't try the squash but ate everything else. I sure miss those meals too. My daughter's husband is very picky and he is a big steak eater, so it seems like we are always eating steak, rice and corn or green beans. I told my daughter I am sick of eating the same old stuff, so she gets me different veggies like asparagus or spinach, and some of my favorite frozen mixes.
    4. NanaG67
      Thanks for the advice! I never thought about the salt being the first ingredient. I'm glad you mentioned it. I checked the broths I did buy already, and the only one that listed salt as the first ingredient was the Knorr's caldo de pollo, or chicken boullion. The Swanson's broths I checked as well as the Campbell's broth and those list the beef, chicken or vegetable stock first. The Vegetable broth was a little over $2 but it's ok, it is all organic too. I figure if I start getting things each week, then when it's time it will be easier. And I am glad that my daughter went to the meeting with me, that way she heard about all the stuff I need to go through.
    5. NanaG67
      I am looking into the EAS that Walmart carries. I can split up the drinks to squeeze in all my protein so I am not drinking too much liquids at once. I think I can handle that. I am trying to get things now that I will need for later. 3 weeks will come quickly and I want to be prepared. I was told yesterday to get used to drinking broth, so I am going to find some other broths that I can drink. They even said if it has things like onion or something in it, just to blend it really good and the stuff will be drinkable. i'll keep you posted
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