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Pretty Poignant Popcorn Polyphenols

Discussion in 'Articles & Resources' started by HeidiRose05, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. HeidiRose05

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    Pretty Poignant Popcorn Polyphenols” by: Bryan Ramsey

    Please pardon my poetic “P” tautogram as I promise to get to the point.

    I still remember the first time I heard the word polyphenol as I snacked on my favorite white cheddar popcorn. So I became the curious cat and did a little research and what I found was pleasantly priceless. According to WebMD and organicfacts.net, Popcorn is one of the highest polyphenol packed foods. What is a polyphenol you ask? Don’t worry I didn’t know either as I assumed it was the latest computer bug virus or hip new exotic tussie mussie flower arrangement.

    Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that helps repair cellular damage caused by “free radicals” (unstable molecules in the body). Popcorn has 242 to 363 mg. of polyphenols per serving (fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that popcorn doesn’t have). So where do I find this polycornpopnol thingamabob when I open my favorite Smartfood brand white cheddar popcorn bag? 90% of the polyphenols come from the hull (the thin casing around the seed) and 10% from the white fluffy stuff. So the next time you feel like you’ve been stuck with the crumbs in the bag after you remove the chip clip and the kids say, “I didn’t eat all of the popcorn!”…reply, “No worries and thanks for the pretty poignant polyphenols!”…but just don’t say “Pretty Poignant Popcorn Polyphenols” 5 times fast as it’s particularly painstaking.
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    I don't eat popcorn...Unless its covered in caramel. So that's that. I might try to eat some once in a while...maybe.
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