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Trying to find Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Discussion in 'Pre-Surgery Questions, Requirements, & Testing' started by BrendaC, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. BrendaC

    BrendaC New Member

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    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
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    Concord, NC
    Hey all--new here! Pleasure to meet everyone. I just had my consultation on Wednesday for vertical sleeve surgery, however, couple goals to complete before I can get a date goin:

    • I got to get funding--more about that later.
    • I got to lose about 25 lbs before starting the program to bring the price down.
    So next week I say goodbye to my favorite foods and start my month journey to drop 25 lbs--tall order but I got faith.

    Concerning funding, I recently started a gofundme to try and raise the funds, only issue is that I don't have many facebook friends as I like to only add people I actually know. If anyone reading this would share my gofundme on their Facebook, Twitter, or other avenues, I'd be super thankful because the more people that see it--the better chance it has of being funded.
    Gofundme: gofundme.com/47474c3c

    In the meantime I'm doing research into medical loans with lengthy terms such as Access One, Wells Fargo, etc... If anyone knows of some good ones with low apr and long term payments that'd be great.

    Here's a question for those post op people, does the thought process involved in navigating around a room ever go away? How did you get over that thought process?