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A Piece of the Puzzle

Published by Linney in the blog Linney's blog. Views: 149

Placing the pieces of our own puzzle can be quite an adventure. Sometimes we place a piece that does not “ fit” into that space. When we turn this particular piece, in many different directions, to “fit” into this allotted space, it just doesn’t“ fit”. We may attempt to have this piece” fit” at least several times, but it will not go into the place we want it to” fit”. There are similarities to the shape and size we’ve chosen, but still it will not connect to the other pieces.

Life seems to unfold that way as well. When we make a personal effort to break the barriers and fit ourselves into a place where we don’t belong, it can be a painful experience. Hasn’t our obesity taught us that when we didn’t fit into that place, but tried to remain there even though it was not a good “fit” for us?

The health issues we’ve endured by our own hands and ways of thinking? We were forcing ourselves to be put into a place where we never belonged. When we found another place, a place of value, the remaining pieces began to “fit” into place, and with ease….there it was all the time, a place without self-resistance. The transition became smooth, and it felt right within our souls to feel “fit” and at home. An abundance of comfort came from within, and the truth emerged!

When resistance repeats itself over and over again, then it’s time to get moving and take action! Perhaps the struggle is part of the process of self-realization. In order to move to the place of non-resistance, there’s no forcing, but finally falling to a soft place of love, honesty, and compassion. When there’s a sense of calm within us, the puzzle piece had found its way into the right direction from the inner-compass. Resistance has taught us pain, doubt, and hopelessness. When we’ve finally realized after many attempts, to placing a piece where it never belonged, we moved and had taken action to be where it will “fit” it feels right, it feels good, it feels positive.

No pain, no resistance, just joy, comfort, love, hope, trust, faith, courage, finding, resolving, discovering, becoming, growing, living, acknowledging, accepting, teaching, reaching, encouraging, enlightening, inspiring, and it’s a perfect “fit”!

Linda Hegedus, ©
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