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Change for the Better, and It Only Gets Better!

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The other day I attended a picnic, which had many different food options to choose from, and the majority of food choices were surprisingly healthy ones. More and more people, who are hosting parties, are offering healthier foods when entertaining since the majority of people are becoming more aware of the environment in which we live in. GMO foods have been exploited for the negative effects they have on our health; and many people are growing their own food as the summer season has arrived. People are becoming aware of which seeds to buy and re-producing their own produce by keeping the seeds from their own crops as opposed to buying seeds each season.

Change is all around us with food, and how we’re viewing the value of its content for long-term wellness. Many people who’ve been afflicted with illness and disease have turned to modifying their diets to a non-hormonal, organic, and plant-based diet as opposed to consuming red meat, pork, or chicken which has been injected with hormones for larger growth and faster production. I see a slow, but steady change due to this new awareness. People are educating themselves with the insight to be healthier vital human beings and reaping the benefits of eating organic, non-hormonal lean protein, and plant-based foods.

If we encourage others to learn about their food choices and how they can improve their well-being just by what they’re eating on a daily basis, we can change an entire generation, who’s been raised on foods that were quick and easy to make and eat. Change is on the horizon, and it’s moving in a positive direction. Weight loss can be achieved by making these small but impactful changes towards a healthier and productive lifestyle. As we also incorporate various exercise routines to our daily lives, it’s a winning combination! Interval training with strength training has given me endurance, flexibility, and a wider range of motion, and I find that if I challenge myself to go an extra mile, or a higher level of intensity, or push my body to the limit, it’s almost euphoric!

I’m also learning breathing techniques, which keep my cortisol levels in balance, along with a good night’s sleep, and a better frame of mind and outlook on life and the people around me. The toxic habits I’ve once partaken in have changed dramatically. It didn’t happen overnight, but as I overcame one of my habits, I began to work on removing the next bad habit, and then the next until I became completely clean and free from any and all toxic negative addictions. I’m an all or nothing type of person, so I’m quite happy and proud of overcoming all of my bad habits and have replaced them with healthy, positive, productive, and spiritually evolving habits. I’m a lot stronger and stable more than I’ve ever known and never needed the coping mechanisms I thought I needed.

All I need is me and that’s enough. If there are other like-minded people, I could certainly share the wealth with them as well. Be well my conscience friends, and remember change is not only good for the soul, but it’s essential!

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