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Exercise and Healing

Published by Linney in the blog Linney's blog. Views: 440

Exercise is a great healer to the body. It oxygenates your blood, while building muscle and burning unwanted fat at the same time. Each time I exercise, I feel stronger, more alive, focused at work, and relaxed before bedtime. When I was not exercising as much, my body became tense, my attitude became shorter with others, and I felt a lot more physical pain as a result.

As many of us know, in the beginning of our weight-loss journey, we were not accustomed to exercising since that was one of the major factors that had led us where we were at, and that was being morbidly obese. Exercise was foreign to many of us and it was not going to be easy to add this new activity into our journey. We had to introduce or reintroduce this activity slowly into our lives. Eating healthy foods that are comprised of low calories, but physically beneficial to our well-beings takes a front seat first and foremost on this path, but when exercise is incorporated as well, the results become not only beneficial to our entire well-being, but also something wonderful begins to happen to us. Our bodies begin to transform and reshape into a firm, toned, and fit appearance, which we can take much pride with as we are able to endure longer workouts as a result of following through every day with an exercise routine.

If you’ve worried about having loose skin, or you’re feeling tired, and not satisfied with your appearance after weight loss, I would highly recommend that immediately after you’re able to begin an exercise routine, begin slowly and begin to challenge yourself each week on increasing the intensity of your workouts. You will see that your skin will tone up nicely as well as the contours of your body will be in proportion with the rest of your physique. Beginnings are not always easy, but they are essential for long-term success on this journey. One day, one week, one month, and one year; it will make all of the difference in your new life ahead. Eat well, sleep well, and be well. I feel good most of the time and I attribute it to these factors. Organic clean eating, and one hour of exercise per day. I will rest when my body tells me to take it easy, but overall, I feel good, and when people ask me my age and I tell them, they’re surprised.

Exercise is the key to slow the aging process down, and revitalize, refresh, and rejuvenate your entire being! Get up and get moving! You’ll begin to enjoy this activity and look forward to doing more as you progress!

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