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Feeling Grateful

Published by Linney in the blog Linney's blog. Views: 341

Thanksgiving will soon be here. It's a day to be grateful and thankful for all of our blessings bestowed upon us. Many people in our lives are saddened when the holidays come since their loved ones may no longer be with them in celebration. There are many poor and homeless people who are alone and hungry. As most of us are blessed and remain very thankful and grateful, we can lend a helping hand to those who are in need of love, kindness, comfort, or a good home-cooked meal and a warm place to sit at the table.

Let our hearts be open, and pray for those who require assistance at this time. Let our souls give unconditional love and support to others as we celebrate this day of harmony and togetherness with one another. On this special day we remember that we were given support, love, and caring when we needed it the most during our personal journey. As we sit with our family and friends, we enjoy and cherish the time spent with the people who mean the most to us. We cannot focus on all of the food that's prepared, but only eat enough to satisfy our hunger. There's many foods that we can enjoy that are healthy and nutritious. Turkey is high in protein and very filling. Sweet potatoes contain many nutrients and vitamins. Green beans, peas and carrots, or broccoli also are rich in calcium and rich in vitamins. How about dessert? Make or bring your dessert. Prepare a low-calorie gelatin dessert, which is good with low calorie cool whip on top. A fruit salad is also tasty with pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and some mango to give it great color.

It's a challenge to celebrate this day as it's known to be quite a feast. We should plan ahead on what we're going to eat; here are some suggestions. If you're at home, or bringing a dish, prepare an appetizer filled with raw carrots, celery, raw mushrooms, cauliflower, and peppers. For the dip you can bring three different types of hummus. There's a great roasted pepper flavor, or garlic flavor, or a spicy flavor for variety. We can enjoy the celebration and remain true to our journey. If you're a guest, request a smaller dinner plate to eat on so you don't pile on too much food. Also drink water instead of soda, wine, or any other beverage that will contain a lot of calories. Once we begin to feel full, stop! Continuing to eat may ruin your day and the feeling of being uncomfortable will remain with you for hours to come.

May all of you have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. Peace and Love to all.

Linda Hegedus, ©
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