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Making A Difference

Published by Linney in the blog Linney's blog. Views: 120

My life has significantly changed for the better! I have reached my personal weight-loss goal! Each day as I interact with others, who are struggling with their weight as well, I can offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration so they can find a place to begin their personal weight-loss journey. When I lead by example on my food choices and vitamin intake, it can become contagious to those who need assistance in their daily food choices. I have become a mentor to them as I manage my stressors in a more effective and constructive manner, and not turn to food for the solution.

I've experienced firsthand the impact I've made in other's lives when I share my experiences, and give them the necessary enthusiam to make wiser choices when it comes to their own food choices. Many people I encounter eat fast food and drink a lot of soda on a daily basis. These individuals never feel good physically, and have health issues as a result of their daily habits. They are on the path of destruction not only physically, but mentally as well. I remember never eating breakfast, lunch, or hydrating throughout the day, but coming home and consuming over 4000 calories until bedtime. This pattern became a destructive habit, which I couldn't turn around on my own. Now that I eat every two hours and hydrate all day long, other people around me are observing my food choices and also making wiser food choices as a result of my success.

I keep a picture posted on my refrigerator of my former self to remind me of what I can easily become if I don't remain disciplined and committed to my new lifestyle. I offer support and guidance to others, who ask me what they can eat during the day in order to feel better and become healthier. There's so many people around me who make excuses and believe they are content with their food choices. As I see them decline in their health due to their addiction to sugar and high-fat diets, I see their moods swing from one extreme to the other. They are seeking a better way, but don't know where to begin.

I speak to others often at weight-loss seminars about my trials and tribulations during the many years of my moridly obese existence, and how my life was in a downward spiral. Seeing is believing. When I stand before others and tell my stories of the struggles I've had physically and mentally with my weight, it often ignites a spark and gives others hope and enlightenment that they can begin to heal within and move into a better way of life for themselves. I'm on a mission to reach out and assist as many people as I possibly can to motivate and inspire them to believe there's light at the end of this tunnel. There are second chances, and they no longer have to feel stuck anymore.

It's very rewarding to me to give of myself to others, who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. I was given the gift of weight loss, and I'm giving back my time and experiences so I can make a difference to those who need assistance and support. I have found my place in life and will remain there for years to come!

Be Well!

Linda Hegedus ©
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