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The word 'blog' is so weird to me.
I think it is just my love for the movie Labyrinth that makes my head think 'bog' instead...:eek:*squirrel*
Anyway, I have never posted a 'blog' before. This is a neat feature to the forum. :)
So I thought I would just recap my journey to have it in one place. :rolleyes:

I had gastric bypass surgery on June 19th, 2017. Unlike so many here, I did not intentionally seek out WLS. In October of 2014 I fell down a flight of stairs while rushing out the door one morning, late for a breakfast date with my visiting parents. I did not tumble down the stairs either, I apparently channeled my inner wonder woman and flew hands first landing at the bottom on my palms in an attempt to avoid a complete face smash to the ground. My right leg hit the very edge of one of the stairs when I landed and I actually had a slight fracture and extremely deep bone bruise from the fall. Over the next 2 years I had increasing issues of discomfort in my chest, ending up in the ER twice because the pain became so extreme I thought I was having a heart attack. I was told I had developed heart burn & acid reflux and during those 2 years I went through multiple prescriptions to help with the issue, none of which worked. I was so frustrated at that point with having a doctor that wanted to push pills at the issue instead of wanting to figure out what was really wrong. I changed doctors & had a health scare after getting my annual blood work done. My new {Awesome} doctor found a brain tumor. I didn't even know you could find those based off blood work. Sheesh! Oh, and there is nothing quite like waiting for 2+weeks to find out if you have cancer. Bless those who have had to wait longer! It was not cancerous, thankfully! It was actually found to be one of the causes of my weight gain and inability to lose any weight. So I began the process of getting rid of it, and the scare of that kind of pushed me to seek out a surgeon to figure the rest of me out. I made an appointment with a surgeon in December of 2016 with the intent of having a scope done. I wanted him to take a look and figure out why it always felt like air pockets were traveling in my chest cavity and causing major discomfort issues. I had a scope done after the holidays in early February, 2017. He found that the connection between my esophagus and stomach was shredded. He asked me if I had been in a car wreck, it was so damaged. Nope...apparently just my moment of glory as wonder woman... This was also when he let me know that the amount of damage was severe enough that if I did naturally develop heartburn or acid reflux as I aged, I would have a 97% chance of developing throat cancer. Ugh, there it was again. :( The C word. It was at that point he asked me to consider gastric bypass surgery in conjunction with repairing the chest damage. Bypass has a crazy high percentage of success in eliminating both heartburn and acid reflux. Plus, I would have the added benefit of weight loss as well, improving my overall health. To say I was a little overwhelmed would be an understatement. I was taking a prescription that slowly dissolved the tumor over 6 months and I wanted it gone before getting the chest repair, the idea of meds mixing a bit too scary for me. So, I finished in May, 2017 and had an MRI done again to confirm it was gone. Success! So I then had surgery in June, 2017. I can honestly say, that going into everything, weight loss was the furthest thing from my mind. I was asked several times what my goal weight was. I didn't have an answer. I was an ostrich with it's head in the sand about my weight. "Ignore it and it will go away" kind of approach. But there really isn't a choice when you get to the other side of the surgery. You can't ignore anything at that point. There is pain, the struggle is real, and you are forced to take a good long look at yourself and your situation. You can do little else but focus on yourself. Making sure you've reached protein/water goals for the day & oh yes, walking, walking, walking! I read the blog here on "self care is not selfish" and it's the reason I joined the forum because it is so true, at least in my life. I have to take care of myself and be at my best so I can in turn offer the best of me to others. So I spent my recovery weeks thinking long and hard about where I was and where I want to be going forward. When I wasn't you know...grumbling from the pain and nausea.. It wasn't the ideal journey, and it didn't start off in the same fashion as most but it is my journey, and I do want a happier, healthier life. So onward and upward I go, embracing the whole enchilada and going for gold. I've been given a tool to use and I am using it, one day at a time, one pound at a time. :D
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