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Speed Bumps

Published by Alioop in the blog Alioop's blog. Views: 337

My patient advocate told me that if all my records were submitted by the end of March
the surgeon would review it all with the possibility that surgery date would be set for end of April. So, I have remained deligent in completing all test and getting records to the surgeons office.

But, Murphy's Law has created a few speed bumps which makes me doubt that I can meet my deadline. The sleep study test came back inconclusive --- despite passing the Psych test the clearance letter seems to be sitting on someone's desk---I now need an Endoscopy----and TODAY, my tooth broke requiring an extraction.

It has only been 4 weeks since I started this journey and I have put every ounce of energy and determination I can muster to get the process moving steadfastly. So, am I dissapointed.? ...yes, of course....but, in reading all the wonderful posts on this site it is clear that many people have waited months, and, have equally put out tremendous amounts of energy/determination to reach their surgery date.

I have nothing to complain about. It is going to happen, and no amount of increased anxiety/frustration on my part will make it happen any sooner.
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