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Start of the pre-op diet

Published by Keith Wells in the blog Keith Wells's blog. Views: 672

Well as of Feb 1st I started my 2 week pre-op diet. It is a little different here then in Maine. Maine it was nothing but liquid, but here the first week I can eat but only 20-40 carbs a day. which isn't much but it's something. The 2nd week is clear liquids only. so I am winding down now on the amount of food intake to make the transition seem easier. Practicing my sipping now.o hopefully I can get use to it... Still forget at times but I at least catch myself most of the time... Being diabetic I am thirsty all the time and drink a lot more then 64 oz. I guess we will see on the 7th if it is easier to transition to clear liquids....
The only bad part is I have company coming Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning. and he likes to go out and eat at new places... My wife wishes I could change the date to 2 weeks after he leaves but then I would need to get surgery from my docs co-worker because my docs leaving for 2 mths.... So like I told her not to feel guilty for eating at the Dinner's or BBQ places I would be fine and it was my choice to have it 2 day after he leaves... Be a good test on my change of choices and will power...
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