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Tis the Season to Be Tempted

Published by Linney in the blog Linney's blog. Views: 58

How is everyone coping with the delicious treats that surround us during the Christmas Season? At my workplace many high-calorie treats are within my reach. A lot of my co-workers bring in baked assorted Christmas cookies, Christmas fudge with nuts, the largest box of chocolates I've ever seen in my life, peppermints, and the list goes on and on. Tomorrow morning our Supervisors are catering a staff breakfast for everyone, which will include many healthy and not so healthy items.

I have made a mindful decision to continue to drink my shake in the morning, a hard-boiled egg for a snack, and a small salad for lunch. Even though the temptation is right under my nose, (literally right next to me), I have not touched a cookie, a candy, or the fudge! I'm very happy with my decision not to indulge!!!! Tomorrow morning at the staff breakfast, I will be too busy to step into the room filled with many different varieties of food, which is a blessing in disguise! I have a pack of gum inside my desk and chew it whenever I feel the need to chew. I always keep a pack of gum in my purse, and wherever I go I always have gum handy. It helps me get through the day! I also have been drinking a lot of water since there are many people around me with bronchitis, colds, and other contagious ailments that I don't want to become infected with as a result of not sleeping and eating poorly.

It's not easy to be around all of these treats, and many people eat a lot during the Christmas celebrations, but I'm choosing to remain faithful since my addiction to food will always be with me throughout my life. I know that if I have a candy, I will not be able to control myself. It will signal me to have another and another and another until the box is empty! I know if I begin to eat a cookie, I will not be able to stop at one. I'll have to have at least five or six. Why torture myself and my body? I cannot afford to hurt myself anymore. I feel proud of my decision to turn away from the temptations, and as a result, I'll be better off in the long run. My self-awareness is very strong right now, and I'm grateful that it's keeping me honest.

Stay true to your journey and you'll be happy you did!

Linda Hegedus, :rolleyes:©

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