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  • Linney
    Blog: Linney's blog. By Linney at 10:00 AM.
    [IMG] The other day I attended a picnic, which had many different food options to choose from, and the majority of food choices were surprisingly healthy ones. More and more people, who are hosting parties, are offering healthier foods when entertaining since the majority of people are...
  • Lynn Ferndale
    Blog: Lynn Ferndale's blog. By Lynn Ferndale at 10:44 PM.
    So gang, Tuesday was my very first Bariatric Support Group meeting. I was relieved to not have to stand up and announce my name or anything like that. The house was packed! Packed with folks at all stages of their journey. I am so grateful that this is part of my program and that I participated...
  • Linney
    Blog: Linney's blog. By Linney at 6:25 AM.
    My life has significantly changed for the better! I have reached my personal weight-loss goal! Each day as I interact with others, who are struggling with their weight as well, I can offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration so they can find a place to begin their personal weight-loss...
  • Maggie C
    Blog: Maggie C's blog. By Maggie C at 2:12 PM.
    So excited! 2 weeks out of surgery and not only do I fit into this dress I bought a while back, but its almost loose! The past couple weeks have been a struggle, but totally worth out for results that I couldn't get from my previous attempts. Can't wait to get back to the gym! 28 lbs down total....
  • Mar
    Blog: Alioop's blog. By Alioop at 4:20 PM.
    My patient advocate told me that if all my records were submitted by the end of March the surgeon would review it all with the possibility that surgery date would be set for end of April. So, I have remained deligent in completing all test and getting records to the surgeons office. But,...
  • Alioop
    Blog: Alioop's blog. By Alioop at 5:09 PM.
    It is only Wed, yet so much has been accomplished with many things crossed off the "to do" list my surgeons office gave me. * Get physical/surgery clearance from PHP......# Done * Psych Eval.....#Done * TSH tyroid lab test.....#Done * Sleep Study.....#Done * A1C...
  • Linney
    Blog: Linney's blog. By Linney at 1:34 PM.
    Exercise is a great healer to the body. It oxygenates your blood, while building muscle and burning unwanted fat at the same time. Each time I exercise, I feel stronger, more alive, focused at work, and relaxed before bedtime. When I was not exercising as much, my body became tense, my...
  • Alioop
    Blog: Alioop's blog. By Alioop at 3:42 PM.
    There seems to be an agreement in the comments/responses that I have read that at times consumming the required daily protein can be difficult especially the first few weeks post surgery. It seems that protein powder becomes a necessity, but, also becomes an aggravation when trying to find new...
  • Mar
    Anna( Lady Truck driver )
    At my six week appointment the doctor released me to go back to work. I have to wait until Monday because he added a new medication that is suppose to stop my chances of having gallstones. I'm so relieved I get to go back to work. Now I just have to pass a physical for work.
  • Alioop
    Blog: Alioop's blog. By Alioop at 8:59 AM.
    I know in my heart I want the surgery...I understand the challenges/requirements for success...But what I have not comes to terms with is, that even though surgery is several weeks ahead, I need to change my eating habits/patterns NOW. For the past few days, since my meeting with the surgeon,...
  • Alioop
    Blog: Alioop's blog. By Alioop at 12:15 PM.
    I have made so many-- appointments --so many times to explore weight loss surgery and cancelled all of them. But, finally, on Wed (3/1/2017) I walked into the surgeons office with a notebook full of questions....took a deep breath, and, began a process that I hope will have a significant and...
  • Anna( Lady Truck driver )
    I weighed in today at 285. I'm now down 30 pounds since I went on the liquid diet. Today I can have soft protein so happy to try new foods. Especially egg drop soup my favorite and fish. I still can't stomach milk products but the nurse said it may not be permanent. So I'm hopeful. The six hours...
  • Linney
    Blog: Linney's blog. By Linney at 8:27 AM.
    As each day passed by, I realized that all I was doing was going to work, coming home to prepare dinner and cleaning up around the house. If I had any energy left, I would color and read health-related articles before bedtime. I felt that I’ve forgotten that there was more to life than just...
  • Anna( Lady Truck driver )
    I'm working hard on creating better habits to a brand new life. I usually celebrate with food. I started off celebrating my new life after surgery by going to get a new shorter haircut. I got highlights too. Does anyone have any suggestions to new more healthier ways to celebrate?
  • Keith Wells
    Blog: Keith Wells's blog. By Keith Wells at 12:21 PM.
    Well as of Feb 1st I started my 2 week pre-op diet. It is a little different here then in Maine. Maine it was nothing but liquid, but here the first week I can eat but only 20-40 carbs a day. which isn't much but it's something. The 2nd week is clear liquids only. so I am winding down now on...