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  1. My patient advocate told me that if all my records were submitted by the end of March
    the surgeon would review it all with the possibility that surgery date would be set for end of April. So, I have remained deligent in completing all test and getting records to the surgeons office.

    But, Murphy's Law has created a few speed bumps which makes me doubt that I can meet my deadline. The sleep study test came back inconclusive --- despite passing the Psych test the clearance letter seems to be sitting on someone's desk---I now need an Endoscopy----and TODAY, my tooth broke requiring an extraction.

    It has only been 4 weeks since I started this journey and I have put every ounce of energy and determination I can muster to get the process moving steadfastly. So, am I dissapointed.? ...yes, of course....but, in reading all the wonderful posts on this site it is clear that many people have waited months, and, have equally put out tremendous amounts of energy/determination to reach their surgery date.

    I have nothing to complain about. It is going to happen, and no amount of increased anxiety/frustration on my part will make it happen any sooner.
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  2. It is only Wed, yet so much has been accomplished with many things crossed off the "to do" list my surgeons office gave me.

    * Get physical/surgery clearance from PHP......# Done
    * Psych Eval.....#Done
    * TSH tyroid lab test.....#Done
    * Sleep Study.....#Done
    * A1C level.....#Done

    It has been (3) weeks since I first say my surgeon. I would say this Gastric Bypass train I am riding is moving smoothly along.

  3. There seems to be an agreement in the comments/responses that I have read that at times consumming the required daily protein can be difficult especially the first few weeks post surgery. It seems that protein powder becomes a necessity, but, also becomes an aggravation when trying to find new ways to incorporate it to prevent boredom and increase taste/diversity.

    So, today, at around 5 a.m. I started preparing a batch of "Bone Broth" by roasting various beef bones in the oven and then throwing them into a stock pot with water. It will slowly simmer for the next 12 hours. Once done, I will freeze in small portions to have ready for post surgery. It will provide protein and help meet the daily fluid requirement. A plus both ways.

    Now, I am not the type of person that likes to be tied to the kitchen for 12 hours at a time, but, last night I did not sleep well...with my thoughts mulling over...the path I am taking towards the surgery and my new life. So, for me, I have to keep focused and buzy to fend off the doubts and second guesses. Hense, a lot of rattling of pots and choppng far too early this morning.

    *****Disclaimer: I got the idea for "Bone Broth" from a Bariactric web site where it got rave reviews.

    I hope I like it once it is done. Even if I don't, the process in itself, was soothing.
  4. I know in my heart I want the surgery...I understand the challenges/requirements for success...But what I have not comes to terms with is, that even though surgery is several weeks ahead, I need to change my eating habits/patterns NOW.

    For the past few days, since my meeting with the surgeon, I can not stop eating. I even got up out of bed last night to have ..a little snack.. This morning the scale says I have gained weight in the last five days.

    So, today, I am cleaning out my fridge/pantry and restocking it the right way with better options. I am also going to push my water intake and start eliminating caffeine.

    Putting the brakes on and redirecting my thoughts about food will not be easy but, this thing called Mind Hunger will only follow me post surgery; it is best if I start address it now.

    Now, I have given my self this nice lecture...let's see if I can follow through....
  5. I have made so many-- appointments --so many times to explore weight loss surgery and cancelled all of them. But, finally, on Wed (3/1/2017) I walked into the surgeons office with a notebook full of questions....took a deep breath, and, began a process that I hope will have a significant and lasting impact on my life.

    At 64 yrs old, having weight loss surgery is only 10% about body images ,BUT , 90% about health related issues. Now, I will admit that putting on a size 12 versus a size 24 will put a smile on my face...having the surgery help address: diabetis, sleep apnea, and mobility issues will be far more rewarding and valuable to me.

    I left the surgeons office with a list of things to do to medically qualify for surgery,and, have started crossing things off the list. If all goes well, I could have Gastric Bypass as early as the end of April or mid May. (fingers crossed)

    So, the journey begins and I realize it will not be an easy one.