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  1. This blog is dedicated to those people who feel defeated before they start. The doctor has suggested weight loss surgery. Yes they want to lose weight and have tried every diet known to man with no long term success. They want so badly to be thinner BUT.. they rely so much on the enjoyment of their favorite foods. They just don't really think in their heart that weight loss surgery will really work. After all, weight loss surgery works by limiting the amount a person can eat. Why can't a person just be strong and diet and lose the weight themselves? They have tried over and over again and sometimes have even lost significant amounts of weight just to regain it again when they get back to eating their normal diet. But this time might be different. They know in their heart they are destined to be fat all their life.
    I am here to tell you that I have been there myself. I gained a little at a time over a life span. I was a normal sized teenager but after getting married and having a child I started gaining weight. I was a happy eater. My husband loved to eat and we celebrated our happy life cooking great food, dining out, having picnics, family, friends and barbeques etc. Happiness was connected to food. I had a car accident and hurt my knees and broke my arm and became very immobile. I gained another 100 lb to my already ample weight. My husband died in 2010 from complications from diabetes. He couldn't resist the wrong foods. I had pneumonia and then a pulmonary embolism. I was becoming insulin resistant and they predicted that diabetes was just around the corner. I developed heart failure from lack of oxygen from the embolism. My Cardiologist told me I needed the gastric bypass to live. He said without it I wouldn't live very long. I had resisted my primary care physician's recommendation of getting the gastric bypass for the last 10 years because I was afraid I wouldn't live through the operation. I rationed I could do it myself. Forty years of dieting with no success and I still was delusional. So much has happened in bariatric medicine in the last few years. Laparoscopic surgery has become the norm. It's now safer, less painful, faster healing and a much more common operation. When my Cardiologist had the heart to heart with me I knew then I must do this or I was going to die. At 64 yrs old, I decided to go for it and never looked back. I'm here to tell you I really have enjoyed my weight loss journey. The surgery was not bad at all. I had a great surgeon who never lost a single patient and I trusted implicitly. I followed my surgeon's instructions on when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. The weight melted away. I'm still in the process of losing, but at this point if I never lost another pound I'd be happy. I can fit in normal sized clothes, instead of clothes the size of a tent. I can sit in a chair with arms without first analyzing if I will fit or not. So many everyday little triumphs, I smile to myself and think about how long I suffered feeling like a less than normal person. I was allowed to eat everything, no food or desert was off limits after the first 3 months. The catch was my stomach only held 2 oz after surgery so a tiny amount filled me up. The cardinal rule was don't stretch the stomach out and eat your protein first. 2 oz of food filled the stomach and if you splurged and ate 3 oz you felt like you had just ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner and you were going to be sick. Eat slow, chew your food well and don't stretch out your stomach. Weight loss surgery is a powerful tool, but you must use it properly. Yes you could stretch your tummy out and eventually be right back where you were before the surgery. I don't work so I had tons of time on my hands which makes temptation harder I think. Food cannot be your main focus in life. Get a new dog or a hobby, join a club or take up sewing. I used the time to research online about others who had this operation. I joined this online support group. I knew I wasn't alone. So many successful bariatric surgery patients helped me get through this and now I want to help others. Many people think because they have been overweight for years and years that they will never lose weight. I was severely overweight for forty years. I'm here to tell you it can be done and I really did enjoy the journey, I made eating correctly the focus of my life for over a year. But it was worth all the effort because I was worth the effort.
    Good luck to you all. Much success for a healthier, better life.

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