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  1. When I got my driver's license in 1970, I was 5'7" and 120 pounds. I used that same information for many years. In fact, I didn't change anything on my license - and I was way more than that. I figured if I ever wrote it down where I could actually see it, it would be too real! Somewhere down the road, the Great State of Arkansas quit using that info - I guess they figured we'd all lie anyway. I just looked at my current license - apparently I never changed my eye color either. But I digress... In 2004 I broke my right hip at age 50. Pins were placed in October and I sat in a wheelchair for 2 months even though the doc said it wouldn't work. In December my right hip was replaced. I wish I could say it wasn't painful, but I am not a liar! On a routine doc visit, the nurse measured me. I told her I was 5'7". She said "No, you are closer to 5'6". A few months ago it hit me, my excess weight was holding me down...gastric sleeve surgery is going to make me taller. Since my mass will decrease, then gravity will have less effect on me.

    The moral of this story: lose weight grow taller.
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