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  1. This is the 3 year anniversary of my gastric sleeve surgery. I did really well, starting at 239 at the beginning, 183 the day of surgery, and reaching my goal of 130 in April of the next year.
    Then everything went to hell.
    Please note that NONE of the below was caused by my bariatric surgery.
    In August of 2014, I woke up with an infected right finger. It looked like I had a grape sitting on top of it. I had it lanced, but the infection kept spreading to my other fingers, my hand, then to my left arm. Eventually I had my right ring finger amputated, and they managed to stop the progression of the infection. I was in and out of hospitals for the next few months with infections, my immune system stopped working, and I was extremely malnourished. They tried to blame my bariatric surgery, but I told them I was the poster child for gastric sleeve. I did everything I was supposed to, and showed them my lists of protein and water intake for several years. They believed me but still couldn't find a cause. I had had my sigmoid colon removed earlier for bleeding diverticula. but continued to bleed. I was under the care of a wonderful gastroenterologist who finally figured out I had Ulcerative Colitis. Now, I'm 66 and never had any symptoms before, except for the bleeding diverticula, which I think is another disease. I told my friends and family that I would kill myself if they tried to put a bag on me, but 6 months later I was so sick, in the hospital all the time, getting my nourishment from a tube feed into my arm, and diarrhea all the time that I was BEGGING them to remove my colon and put a bag on me. I weighed 108 pounds and could not gain any weight. I looked like death.
    Fast forward to October 2016, 13 operations and 20 hospitalizations later, I feel "normal" for the first time in 2 years. Yes, I got my bag, and its not so bad. In fact, I wouldn't let them reverse it when they asked. I didn't want that pain again. Because of all the steroids I was on, my weight is currently 152. The only reason I care is that all the size 10 clothes I invested in when I lost the weight don't fit anymore. And for those of you who have been through it, you know you have to replace everything in your closet, from belts to bras to shoes.
    So, healthy and happy 3 years later!
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