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  1. Well as of Feb 1st I started my 2 week pre-op diet. It is a little different here then in Maine. Maine it was nothing but liquid, but here the first week I can eat but only 20-40 carbs a day. which isn't much but it's something. The 2nd week is clear liquids only. so I am winding down now on the amount of food intake to make the transition seem easier. Practicing my sipping now.o hopefully I can get use to it... Still forget at times but I at least catch myself most of the time... Being diabetic I am thirsty all the time and drink a lot more then 64 oz. I guess we will see on the 7th if it is easier to transition to clear liquids....
    The only bad part is I have company coming Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning. and he likes to go out and eat at new places... My wife wishes I could change the date to 2 weeks after he leaves but then I would need to get surgery from my docs co-worker because my docs leaving for 2 mths.... So like I told her not to feel guilty for eating at the Dinner's or BBQ places I would be fine and it was my choice to have it 2 day after he leaves... Be a good test on my change of choices and will power...
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  2. Hello,
    Had the lap band 6+- years ago lost a little weight. Then the fun started and multiple times a day food would get stuck. Didn't matter what I ate, at one point food got stuck and didn't fix itself I couldn't even drink water. Got the fluid taken out of my port and with no fill I was still having things get stuck and either be uncomfortable or running to the bathroom to (spit it up) there words.. Go out and rush to the bathroom got quite aggravating But they said we don't normally take them out, did the xrays bareum swallow showed no issues but still thing got stuck.. Lived with this issue for years. ended up looking for foods to slide down without getting hung up. and of course thats when the weight came back with friends, and I was so down for not being able to eat the right foods... But here i am now moving forward finally, with a doc that removed the band and more info and excited to get the surgery I should have long ago... We live and learn.... That was my experience.
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  3. To start off I had the Lap Band 6 years ago or so. I had it removed on Dec 7th 2016. It wasn't the best experience. I have heard a year or so after I got it new study's saying the Lap Band for the Majority doesn't show the best results. In my case that was the case... I now weigh more than I did then...
    Getting the Bypass done on Feb 14th 2017.. Keep telling my wife it's her valentines present, doesn't fly well...... LOL Starting weight for this journey was 298, now 270 pre-surgery Diet.... Time will tell
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