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Apr 22, 2013
Nov 10, 2012
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Active Member, from Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Apr 22, 2013
    1. darkpoeticangel
      Here is mine 937-938-5206
    2. darkpoeticangel
      Sure I will try on a phone
    3. Time 4 me
      Time 4 me
      Hi there...I am well been very busy, alot going on but doing very good with my eating and exercise. How about you?? I was just talking to my Mom about spring fever I am so ready to go outside walking and getting the pool open!! Looking forward to an awesome Spring and Summer, with a new body and tons of energy!! Take care and keep me posted on how you are---Terri
    4. jwasieleuski
      Thank You i look forward to being here
    5. Time 4 me
      Time 4 me
      I am so happy to hear from you!!! I am glad you are doing well, thank God you really went thru it. I am doing well also having a difficult time getting back in the swing and alittle depressed but I just keep praying everything will turn around. Are still on liquids? I've progressed and my diet is really anything I wish to try, still on 8 oz of protein a day. Popsicles are still my favorite!! Take care and I'll talk with you soon;)
    6. Time 4 me
      Time 4 me
      Bamababy-I hope you are doing better, you have been on my mind and I have been praying healing prayers for you!!! Please let us know how you are doing....take care :D
    7. lauratheexplora28
      I HOPE YOUR SURGERY WENT WELL!!!! :) I actually was going to send you flowers but I totally didn't get an address or anything! :) I hope everything went amazing and I have so much to tell you!! I've officially lost 50 lbs!! :) It's amazing and we must chat soon! Carla, take care of yourself and keep me posted :)
    8. BamaBaby
      Thank you all for the kind words. And your thoughts.
    9. 1Stepatatime
      I am thinking about you and hope that you are home from your surgery. Sending lots of hugs your way and strength to
      endure. I will be looking forward to you returning to us with all kinds of great news. If not great maybe good. Be strong
      and take care of "YOU".
    10. fkrebs
      Bama, I too will have you in my prayers. I know you'll do well. Just remember to get up and walk as soon as possible and if you there another day, walk, walk and walk some more. It helps clear the gas and relieves the boredom.

    11. KarenLB
      BamaBaby, Keeping you in my prayers for your best surgery of your life. You will be having your surgery on my birthday which has to be a special day! Keep us posted on how you are doing!
    12. BamaBaby
      Thanks for the support 1Stepatatime,this is the first day of my full liquid diet(7 days of full lq) then 3 days of clear. Then surgery the day before Thanksgiving. At least I can watch the parade uninterrupted.LOL Wishing the best for you.
    13. 1Stepatatime
      Welcome BamaBaby, You are very photogenic and look like a very positive person.
      I hope that your journey through this healthy life plan is a good one. This support group is a great group of people.
      I joined is October and have enjoyed all the tips in helping me cope with my journey.
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    Gulf Shores, Alabama
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    259 lbs
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    185 lbs
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    140-160 per Dr
    Fishing, Cooking, Mini Dollhouse,Birds,Auctions
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