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Feb 24, 2015
May 14, 2014
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Feb 24, 2015
    1. joygirl55
      Hi RedMama I am sorry I have not answer your message that you send me in June I was so busy visiting different doctors for different problems I could not have the time to even think right I have been diabetic for 18 years, High Blood presure, fibromyliga, congestive heart failure, sleep apmia, neuopathy both hand and feet, High cholesterol, and the doctor send me for a test for blader cancer, test for kidney failure a colonastopy on top of everything but thank God everything is fine and my doctor take me off all medication biriatric surgery is the best thing that happen to me it help to take control of my life againdoctors has told me I will be dead by the time Im 53 years on July 1st 2014 I turn 56 years thank God you in my prayers and you will do good during and after surgery be well.

    2. jfsjr61
      Well Im actually a Florida transplant to Georgia, I was born and brought up in Sararota. Anyhow it looks like your getting all your ducks in a row. I think the psych eval. Is a waist of time, its not needed at all. My psych eval is the only thing that held me up. And as your doing now i went through a bariatric course, online courses, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist actuall personal doctor , exrays, two upper gi procedures, and a heart catheterization. Oh also saw my NUT. Well anyhow why isyour surgery in Sept. ?
    3. jfsjr61
      Hello RedMama I see your also in the southeast, I am also, to be more exact southeast Georgia my surgery was in Savannah by Dr Whipple on 5/19/14.
    4. joygirl55
      Hello RedMama: How are u doing hope well tell me a little bit about u. Did u have your surgery yet or still waiting I had my 1 month ago May 2nd
      everything went well so far I lost 42 pound if I have to do it again I will, hope this message find u well.
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