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Sep 9, 2013
Dec 16, 2011
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Sep 9, 2013
      hi all new here..help..dot:cool:
    2. 1Stepatatime
      How wonderful to be by mountains. I went to college in Kentucky. It was in the Appalachians mountains. Such beautiful surroundings. Well, I will share the water and you share the mountains....we have a balance!!! I just noticed that you golf. My
      husband and I are looking forward to the day that I can golf again. It is amazing how satisfying it is when that ball goes exactly where you wanted it to go with just the perfect swing. It might not happen often but when it does....WOW. We were watching the Ryder Cup and poor Tiger. We don't think he is going to get back to his old self. It is a shame, he was a great golfer. It was good though seeing all the pros relax while playing. I just wishing we could have won the cup instead of Europe.
    3. 1Stepatatime
      Thank you so much Tom for the kind words on my Newby Post. It is people like you that give us the encouragment. I do like to walk and I have just walked all morning with our 2 year old granddaughter. She loves to take her baby for a walk. Since we live on the Big River, that's what our granddaughter calls it....Saint Clair River in Michigan, we go to town and walk by the water. On a day like it has been today a little windy but sunny and enjoyable. We even decided to take the ferry across to Canada. Once across we walked the little town of Sombra in Canada, then back on ferry to USA. Had lunch at the local restaurant and walk back to car. I would probably quess that we walked a slow pace of 90 minutes The other time it was sitting with granddaughter watching the water and riding ferry.
    4. SHERIE
      TwoMas, I want to thank you for being such a positive influence and giving words of wisdom. Here is where I am at now with many moments of panic and wanting to back out yet know that I really have no other options to try and restore my life back to a somewhat healthy state. They know some of what they will be doing and said they will have to see the rest when they crack me open. What they do know they will do to me is total revision...not of Fobi but RNY cut the stricture from my intestine and put 6-8 new inches of new intestine, work on the ulcers, clean out old scar tissue and the small hernia that is also present. I will be on a feeding tube for 4-6 weeks after. They are going to have to do another full open. They telll me my leakage rate is going way up along with other complications.... I will be starting at 200#s... been told that one doesn't lose very much with a revision...I mean REALLY to have to go through all the pain and not lose weight..give me a break!!!! LOL
    5. ascooke63
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes and all your encouragement. You are a blessing to many.
    6. Pat99
      My burns still have some healing to do but my PCP said it would probably be OK to use the pool. I would rather wait because I pick up infections easily and staff infections run rampant in pools and gyms. The other thing is that I want to wait until I am at 300 or under because of the weight limit on the lift. I think I can manage using the moveable stairs but until I get in and out of the pool a couple of times I want to be able to have the lift available just in case.

      300 or under will be a milestone for me. I haven't been under 300 for about 18 or 20 years. I haven't weighed myself for a while because my weight loss stopped about 3 weeks ago. I have a follow up with the surgeon on May 10th and will know my weight then.

      Thanks for writing.
    7. feastorfamine
      two mas I finally broke 20 and now a 198. I am tickled pink. if I can just keep it up and I am committed to do this. My family has a weight problem so they are going on a cardiac diet on tues that is guaranteed to lose 52 lbs in 2 and one half months. They tried it one time and it workds. not allthat different than use. delelte all whites.any choice of green or yellow vegetable the usuala chef salad lunch and supper. brk is egg,bacon,toats wheat....the key in tht fiet is useing grapefruit pure sugar free 3 times a day and 64 oz water. It will make it alot easier for me with my diet bacause there won't be any junk in the house and I can do mine. patti
    8. Bigtallsis
      good luck on your race today, may you have strength & endurance and still be smiling knowing how far you've came in the last year or so. also good weather conditions too.
      Let us know how the race went for you.
    9. Pat99
      Thanks Tom, your information was helpful. I wish I could have protein bars now but I have to wait 4 or 5 more weeks. I don't eat anywhere near 4 oz. of anything at any meal including meat. The exception would be cream or wheat which is a little more than 4 oz. I forgot to mention that I had my first dumping episode Saturday late evening. I wasn't able to get enough protein in me for the last 2 or 3 days and wasn't feeling very well because of that. So I decided to have 2 servings of egg custard and perhaps didn't wait long enough between servings. The very last spoonful set me over the edge. I was nauseated for a while but found myself in the bathroom about an hour later married to the toilet *LOL* Then over 2 hours afterward I got a bad case of the dry heaves. Along with all of that I was sweating, shaking and had a headache. I could barely even think of eating today but made very small meals and ate extremely slow. Live and learn.
    10. Pat99
      How long did it take for you to lose that "too full" feeling after eating even a little bit. I'm talking about the way your pouch feels right after surgery. I get so uncomfortable after eating a very small amount such as a small mozerella stick of string cheese or a portion of tuna about the size of a large egg. I hate the feeling so much I dread the thought of eating. Drinking is different. My pouch still feels full but it's not as uncomfortable as it gets after eating food. You would think there wouldn't be any difference.
    11. Pat99
      I can start strictly cardio exercises using floor equipment in 2 or 3 weeks if I do not use my stomach muscles. To me this seems impossible so I will wait the additional 4 weeks at which time all restrictions should be off. No pool activity after that unless all incisions and the 2 burns are completely healed. The burns are lagging way behind the incisions because they are quite deep. It looks like they are healing but it's going to take a while. As for daily calorie intake I should probably try for one more protein shake a day but it's getting harder and harder to drink them and it's too soon to start protein bars. I'm going to try to eat a couple custard cups in lieu of the protein shakes to see if it makes a difference. Right now they taste good to me, are very easy to make and have at least 12 grams of protein.
    12. Pat99
      I have always been a slow eater and usually the last one to leave the table. It feels like I'm having trouble getting the food to go all the way down into pouch, even the first bite. If I take a tiny sip of something and chew it up with the food it helps a lot. I never thought I would see the day when I wasn't hungry *lol*. Now I sometimes forget to eat but end up feeling light headed or like I need a nap. It's going to take a while for me to get the hang of it. As little as I am managing to eat I should have lost more weight than I have but my activity level is so low taht it will take me longer to reach my goal. I'm not really in a big hurry but I don't want to get to the one year mark and still have to lose 100 pounds. That would be discouraging because I know it gets harder to lose after that.
    13. Kevin
      Hey! Now I just need to figure out how to customize the profile pages a little bit more.
    14. Pat99
      Yes but I think anyone visiting your profile can read them.
    15. Pat99
      GasEx anyone? Will it ever stop????
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